Mary-Howell & Klaas Martens

For over 20 years, Klaas and Mary-Howell Martens have farmed organic grain crops and livestock with their 3 children in Penn Yan, NY. Now, their adult son, Peter Martens, farms with them. Klaas and Mary-Howell also been involved in numerous national organizations and advisory committees, including the OFRF Board of Directors and the Farm Foundation Soil Renaissance (Klaas), and the NOFA-NY Board of Directors, USDA Advisory Committee on 21st Century Agriculture (AC21), the Cornell CALS Deans Advisory Committee (Mary-Howell). They have written numerous articles for Acres USA, New Farm and other publications. Mary-Howell is in the Lakeview office every day, preparing rations, scheduling feed deliveries, maintaining accounts, paying bills, and generally being mom. Klaas works on the farm everyday, but is often on call at Lakeview, advising and assisting with facility repair and upgrade, and providing agronomic assistance to customers.

Stewart Breeds

There isn’t much that Stewart Breeds can’t do around here from facility and truck maintenance, grain drying and handling, feed grinding, coordination, and customer service. His willingness and ability to do so many different things never ceases to impress us.

Sheila Foster

Sheila Foster is that cheerful, caring, helpful voice you hear when you call Lakeview. A city girl from the Boston area, Sheila has learned an amazing amount about farming and farmers during the time she has worked at Lakeview, answering the phone, preparing delivery slips, waiting on customers, and the keeping up with the endless but critical job of inventory and product ordering.

Ed Tears

Quietly and cheerfully, Ed Tears assists with grinding feed each morning, carefully measuring the minerals and other supplements so that each batch receives the correct amounts. He also monitors grain bins, keeps the grain inventory supplied, bags countless bags of feed, manages supplement inventory, and helps with most other mill operations.

Jeffrey O’ Brien

Jeffrey O’Brien joined us at the end of 2015, recently returned to the area where he grew up, and is living on his grandparents Christmas tree farm. He has a background in retail sales, and a strong interest in farming. He is now our Seed Manager, in charge of maintaining inventory and warehousing, cleaning seed, assembling customer orders, customer service, and tracking seed supply and orders.

Jason Aultman

Jason Aultman has driven feed truck for many years for another local company and is very familiar with farm driveways, feed trucks and feed handling. He also helps here at the mill bagging feed, providing customer service, performing and coordinating truck and facility repair, and maintaining grain bin inventory records.

Jack Aumick

Jack Aumick joined Lakeview in 2014 after driving years of our feed truck on a custom basis with local trucking company. He has had extensive experience with trucks and performing truck maintenance. He also helps out around the mill as needed.

Alex Breeds

Alex Breeds is our newest full time team member, and stays busy helping with all mill operations, from moving grain between bins, maintaining available grain inventory, bagging feed, sanitation, and facility maintenance.

Valerie Webster

Valerie Webster is our newest arrival, but she brings with her much experience in administrative organization, communications, and office operations. She grew up on a beef farm and has lived in this area for many years.