We understand you are interested in a high quality, reliable source of organic feed.

We can help with your organic feed needs! 

Lakeview Organic Grain carries a full line of certified organic feed grains, bagged feed, approved supplements and organic crop seeds.  We also carry organically approved animal health care products that can be delivered with your feed at no extra cost.    Our mill is certified organic with NOFA-NY and we exclusively handle organic grains - we handle no conventional grains in our mill.  We deliver bulk organic feed throughout New York and northern PA, and deliver/ship seed throughout the Northeast. We operate out of the former Agway feed mill in beautiful downtown Penn Yan.

Certified Organic Feed We stock organic corn, roasted soybeans, peas, soybean meal, flaxmeal, barley, oats, wheat, and sunflower meal.  As much as possible, we purchase this grain from New York and Northeast organic crop farmers.   We also carry a full line of organically approved supplements.  Please note that all our dairy mixes are custom rations designed by our customers for their animals.  Many of our feed customers work with a nutritionist familiar with their farm, their other feed supplies, pasture, hay, production and herd health, and then tell us what they want in the feed, though we can certainly help you develop a suitable ration if you prefer.  In any case, you always know exactly what is in your feed because the feed is ground the day before you receive it, exactly to your specifications.  If a customer does not have a nutritionist, we can work with your requests, suggest a basic ration or suggest nutritionists that are achieving good success on other area organic dairy farms.  In any case, YOU are always in full control over exactly what your animals eat and all the ingredients in each feed are fully identified for your organic certification needs.

Certified Organic Seed We carry a full line of organic crop seeds, including hybrid and OP corn, soybeans, barley, oats, wheat, rye, buckwheat, spelt, triticale, field peas, winter peas, clover, alfalfa, timothy and other pasture/cover crop grasses and legumes, and conventional untreated seed for when we are unable to source organic seed for certain crops.  We are dealers for Albert Lea Seed House in MN (www.alseed.com), Blue River Hybrids in IA (www.blueriverorgseed.com), Welters Seed in IA(www.welterseed.com), and American Organic Seed Company in IL (www.american-organic.com).  Much of the seed we sell we produce on our own organic farms under the supervision and assistance of Cornell University and the New York Seed Improvement Association.  We also carry organically approved legume inoculants. 

Animal Health Care Products, approved for organic use We carry organically approved animal health care products from Crystal Creek in WI (www.crystalcreeknatural.com), and AgriDynamics in PA(www.agri-dynamics.com).   Both companies have developed a fine line of botanical and homeopathic nutritional supplements that are conscientiously formulated for effective treatment of animal health problems and for strict adherence to National Organic Program requirements.   Please ask us for free catalogs!

Bagged Certified Organic Feed To meet the growing needs for smaller-scale and diversified farmers, we produce a line of bagged organic feeds, based on Fertrell rations (www.fertrell.com), that give truly superior performance.  These include chicken layer, chicken broiler, chick starter, hog, sheep/goat, dairy and calf feed.  Bagged feed is available smaller bags and in 1500# tote bags.

Please call us if you have any questions, please call.  We are happy to discuss our feed ingredients, our process and our terms with you.   We also welcome visitors to our mill in beautiful downtown Penn Yan. 



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